Picnic in the Park

It's back – Claudius Crozet Park's Friday in the Park!
Cancelled due to weather!
See you Friday, July 24

WHERE:  Claudius Crozet Park pavilions and festival grounds (1075 Claudius Crozet Park, Crozet, VA)

WHEN:  Friday, June 26, from 6:00 to 8:30 PM

WHAT: FREE bounce house for kids and local band Strange Attractor will be there.  

FOOD:  Sal's pizza, drinks and Ben and Jerry's ice cream for sale or bring your own.

REASON:  To bring the community together to have some FUN!

The YMCA will be having a DIVE IN movie around 8:45pm.  They will be showing The Jungle Book

Contact:  Melissa Miller with any questions.

A few volunteers needed to scoop ice cream or watch the bounce house.  Let me know if you are interested or available.

We hope to see you there!


Open House on Water Resources in Albemarle County

On Wednesday, June 24, the Water Resources Funding Advisory Committee will be hosting an Open House on Water Resources in Albemarle County.

This event will feature a short presentation on program and funding considerations, a panel discussion for perspectives from a diverse group of stakeholders, and interactive exhibits where participants can provide feedback on the options under consideration.

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Formal presentations begin at 7 pm
County Office Building, 2nd Floor Lobby
401 McIntire Road
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Albemarle County has a long history of commitment to protecting its reservoirs, lakes, and streams – collectively, our water resources. Over the past few years, new and expanded State mandates have significantly increased the scope and cost of the County's water resource protection programs. The Board of Supervisors has indicated a desire to explore establishing a dedicated funding mechanism – separate from the general fund – to better support these programs. The Board will consider the funding mechanisms at a work session scheduled in the fall of 2015.
The Water Resources Funding Advisory Committee (WRFAC) has met monthly since September 2014 to explore potential funding mechanisms for the water resources program. The WRFAC has 13 appointed members of the public representing a diversity of stakeholder interests and is supported by County staff and an engineering consultant, along with liaisons from the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission. These meetings, in combination this public engagement process, will shape the recommendation by the WRFAC to the Board of Supervisors on how best to fund Albemarle County's Water Resources Program moving forward.

To learn more, please visit: www.albemarle.org/waterfunding

CCAC Meeting Agenda 17 June 2015


Crozet Library Community Room, 2020 Library Avenue, Crozet
Wednesday, June 17, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (Jennie More – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Click here for draft May 20, 2015 meeting minutes.)

3. Project Updates/Information:

  • Greg Harper, Water Resource Manager- Initial Review of Water Resources Program
  • Mary Miller – Garage Gym – Local business seeking location
  • Faith McClintic, Director of Economic Development – Introduction and Overview
  • Information and discussion regarding CDBG Planning Grant – Dave Stoner and Ann Mallek
  • Initial review/discussion about Community Meetings- (This will be a carryover item)
  • Information about developers holding public meetings at CCAC – Jennie More and Emily Kilroy
  • Overview of GIS web – Emily Kilroy

4. Items not listed on the agenda.

5. Announcements.

6.. Future Agenda Items.




Teenager attacked by dog on Crozet Park trail

Seeking information about a dog that attacked and bit a teenager on Sunday, June 7.

From email message:

Neighbors –
A co-worker’s teenage son was bitten twice in Crozet on Sunday evening by an unrestrained Rottweiler.  They live in Westhall, which is 300 yards southeast of Claudius Crozet Park.  The teen was running/exercising by himself along a trail, which is part of the Crozet Trail System, near their home.  The trail is behind (east of) Summerdean Road near a decent-sized pond/reservoir and leads in the direction of Western Ridge.  The teen and the dog simply “encountered each other” based on oncoming direction of travel.  The dog was NOT on a leash and the owner was not in sight.  The dog jumped on the teen before he could stop running.  The dog then bit the teen two times on the back side.  He then started growling worse and the teen felt he was becoming even more aggressive, when the owner came into view and called the dog off.  The bites broke skin and caused bleeding.  The owner grabbed the dog, which was still trying to aggressively attack the teen.  The teen was scared and ran off while the owner held the dog back.  The teen could not talk to the owner as the dog was still trying to attack him.  The teen felt that maybe the dog attacked him because he was running while wearing a weight vest.
The parents of this teen are urgently trying to find the dog because if they are unable to determine if the dog had rabies, the teen's physician and the Department of Health are insisting that he will have to undergo rabies treatments starting Friday, June 12.
The dog is described as a Rottweiler, weight about 90-100 lbs, black and dark brown in color, with a light brown face.
 The dog owner is female, Caucasian, approx 60 years of age, medium height, thin, with short/dark hair.
If any recipient of this message believes they know this dog/owner, please email CrozetCommunity@gmail.com  We will put you in touch with the person and promise to respect and uphold your privacy.  If you prefer, call the Animal Control Officer who is handling this case:  434-531-8608.

Update on motorized vehicles on the trails:

Thank you to everyone who has notified the Crew, the County and mostly the police about the use of 4-wheelers on the public trails. Last night, 6 folks on ATVs and dirt bikes were stopped by the police and were given a warning. The police now have their names and we have been working on making sure our signs are well posted and the language is correct in order to prosecute if needed.

Please continue to let the police know if motorized vehicles continue to use the trail between the WestHall fiberglass bridge and the Zavarych-Rozinski bridge (the public section of trail).


Mint Springs Valley Park TRACK Trail Grand Opening

Mint Springs Valley Park TRACK Trail Grand Opening
Saturday, June 13th at 10:00 AM

June 13th is National Get Outdoors Day and we're celebrating with the grand opening of the Mint Springs Valley Park TRACK Trail in Crozet, Virginia! We'll meet at the map kiosk at 10 AM for a ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by a walk along the newly renovated lake loop. At 11AM, the lake opens up for swimming so make a day of visiting the park! We hope to see you there!

WHAT: Mint Springs Valley Park TRACK Trail Grand Opening
WHERE: Mint Springs Valley Park, by the information kiosk near Upper Lake
WHEN: Saturday, June 13th at 10AM
DETAILS: Click here


Mint Springs Valley Park
6659 Mint Springs Park Road,
Crozet, VA 22932

Meet the CCAC

Meet the Crozet Community Advisory Committee

Click here to view/download a PDF file of this information

What does the Crozet Community Advisory Committee do?

The Crozet Community Advisory Committee (CCAC) is a 15-member advisory committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors that provides assistance to County staff and the Board on civic and community issues related to implementation of the Crozet Master Plan.

What is the make-up of the Council?

The membership is broad-based to incorporate a variety of perspectives and ideas and to provide citizens, business persons and representatives of active community groups a chance to be engaged and heard in a constructive and meaningful way.

When and where does the CCAC meet?

The CCAC meets on the third Wednesday of each month, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm in the Crozet Library (2020 Library Avenue). Changes to the regular meeting schedule will be posted on the CCAC webpage – www.albemarle.org/ccac

Who can attend a CCAC meeting?

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend any CCAC meeting. Meeting agendas will be posted on the CCAC webpage and at the Crozet Post Office CCAC Display case before meetings.

How can I get involved?

  • Attend monthly CCAC meetings
  • Review the meeting minutes from past meeting. (Posted on this website.)
  • Speak with a CCAC member about Crozet projects, concerns, and the Crozet Master Plan
  • Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate
  • Assist with CCAC work and special projects
  • Join the CCAC-Notify email list, by emailing the CCAC secretary at: CrozetCAC@gmail.com
  • Follow information on related websites:  http://www.albemarle.org/ccac and http://www.albemarle.org/crozet
  • Follow the CCAC agenda and minutes posted on this website under the  CCAC Info tab
  • Apply to become a CCAC member – vacancies will be posted during the month of March to http://albemarle.org/its/boards

Current Members:

Name (Year appointed) Email Address

  • George Barlow (2012) gwbarlow3@earthlink.net
  • Beth Bassett (2013) beth@bassetthomeservices.com
  • Philip Best (2012) bestpj@embarqmail.com
  • Leslie Burns (2012) iamrtzy@gmail.com
  • Kim Connolly (2014) kconnolly@unitedwaytja.org
  • Mary Gallo (2010) mmg613084@embarqmail.com
  • Kim Guenther (2012) guentherkim@gmail.com
  • Alice Lucan (2015) newslaw@newslaw.com
  • Lisa Marshall (2014) lisarubymarshall@gmail.com
  • Jon McKeon (2014) Jon.mckeon@gmail.com
  • Jennifer More (2013) moreandmore@embarqmail.com
  • Susan Munson (2014) smunson251@embarqmail.com
  • Brenda Plantz (2010) brendaplantz@yahoo.com
  • John Savage (2013) jasincville@qmail.com
  • David Stoner (2014) davidastoner1@gmail.com
  • Ann Mallek,  Board of Supervisors liaison amallek@albemarle.org
  • Thomas Loach, Planning Commission liaison,  tcl4p@virginia.edu

County Contact for CCAC Information: Emily Kilroy – ekilroy@albemarle.org

CCAC Liasons as of March 2015

  • Neighborhood matters: Beth Bassett, Phil Best
  • Economic development: John Savage, Dave Stoner, Kim Connolly
  • Infrastructure (Transportation, roads, utilities): John Savage, Susan Munson
  • Schools: Beth Bassett, Mary Gallo
  • Downtown district growth and development: Dave Stoner, Lisa Marshall, Susan Munson, Leslie Burns
  • Parks and Trails: Kim Guenther, Phil Best
  • Gateway edges, buffers and rural areas: Jon McKeon (South), Mary Gallo (West), Brenda Plantz (West), John Savage (East), Beth Bassett (North)
  • By right projects: Chair (Jennie More) and Co-Chair (Dave Stoner)
  • Police/fire/rescue: Tom Loach, Jennie More






CCAC Meeting Agenda 20 May 2015


Crozet Library Community Room, 2020 Library Avenue, Crozet
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Click here for PDF (printable) version of the agenda.


1. Agenda Review. (Jennie More – CCAC chair)

2. Approval of Minutes (Click here for draft April 15, 2015 meeting minutes.)

3. Project Updates/Information:

4. Items not listed on the agenda.

5. Announcements.

  • Board of Supervisor (BOS) public hearing on leases for Old Train Depot and space under the Crozet Library – June 3 at 6pm at the County Office Building, Lane Auditorium, 401 McIntire Road.  Review the details on CCA website by clicking here.
  • Downtown Crozet Initiative: A Vision for Barnes Lumber Community meeting Wednesday, May 27 6-9PM.  Click here for details
  • Crozet Independence parade and celebration to be held on Sunday July 5th!

6.. Future Agenda Items.

Site of Mechum's Trestle Proposal (at intersection of Rte 240 and 250 at the Mechum's River)

Site of Mechum's Trestle restaurant site


CCA Meeting Agenda May 14, 2015

Crozet Community Meeting
Tentative Agenda
May 14, 2015
7:30 PM at the Field School

(Click here for PDF version of the agenda)

Agenda Review / Changes and additions from the floor.
Approval of the CCA’s last meeting's minutes (March 12, 2015) (Click here for draft of March 12 minutes)
Treasurer's Report by Emery Taylor  ($10 family contribution for 2015 now payable)

Albemarle County Police Department (ACPD) visit and update (Evening Patrol Division) As part of the Albemarle County Police department community policing.

A Moment in Crozet History (Phil James)

Presentation: Plans for town hall style meetings on the Barnes Lumber property re-development and Downtown Crozet Initiative.  Tim Tolson, CCA President
           Two meetings: May 27 and June 11, each from 6:00 to 9:00 PM, at the Field School.  Click here for details on CCA website

Updates and News from Ann Mallek, our county supervisor.

Old Business:

  • Crozet Project Updates from Trevor Henry, Albemarle County Director of Facilities Development. (Update to be posted on CCA website after meeting).
  • Tenants for old train depot/former Crozet Library and the other first floor space in the new Crozet Library. Click here for details.
  • Updates from the Crozet Park (Kim Guenther, Crozet Park President)
  • Recap of fifth annual Crozet Fundraising Swing Dance on March 14.

New Business: 

  • Nominations of up to two local heroes to receive the annual CCA Good Neighbor Award?
  • New subdivision planned for Crozet Avenue across from the Meadows.  By-right development. (Details to be posted on CCA website after the meeting.)
  • Funding pizza for Barnes Lumber town hall meetings?

Comments or Questions?
Announcements –

  • Next planning meeting for this year’s Crozet Independence Day Celebration (CIDC) is Tuesday, May 19 at 7:30 PM at the Crozet Firehouse.  All are welcome to attend.
  • Crozet Community Advisory Council meeting is Wednesday, May 20 at 7:00 PM at the Crozet Library.
Crozet Trails Crew (CTC) next workday is this Saturday, May 16th. Meet at the end of Fairwinds Lane in Western Ridge at 8:30 AM. Details: crozettrailscrew.org/events
  • CTC’s next monthly meeting is Thursday, May 28, at 6:30 PM at La Joya in Old Trail. 
  • Crozet Elementary School Glow Run is tomorrow, May 15, 6:30 to 9:00 PM
  • Crozet Car Show, May 30, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Old Trail Village.
  • Others?

Future Agenda Items?

The next CCA meeting is September 10, 2015 at 7:30 PM at the Field School Auditorium

CCA meetings are at 7:30 PM on the second Thursday of the odd numbered months (except July).
Join our email list, by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the top of this page. 
This email list is moderated, so you cannot get spam because only approved email messages are sent out.  Volume is usually 4-6 emails a month, all related to Crozet & Western Albemarle events and concerns.

Leases for old train depot and first floor of Crozet Library

Leases for old train depot and first floor of Crozet Library

The Board of Supervisors will hear a county staff report and recommendation at their May 6, 2015 meeting (1:00 PM) regarding the tenants for the old Crozet train depot and the other side of the first floor space in the new Crozet Library.

The county staff report can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.   It's also on the county's website at: http://albemarle.org/upload/images/Forms_Center/Departments/Board_of_Supervisors/Forms/Agenda/2015Files/0506/09.0_CrozetAreaLeaseES.pdf  (Now you know why it's on the CCA website as well.

The other side of the first floor of the Crozet Library (across from Crozet Running) is proposed to lease to Staengl Engineering LLC.   The proposed lease terms are available by clicking here.

The old train depot will be split between Crozet Artisans, LLC and the Charlottesville Albemarle Convention and Visitors Bureau.  The proposed leases (both in one document) are available by clicking here.   Here's a drawing of the proposed sharing of space in the old train depot.

The Board of Supervisors meeting is Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 1:00 PM.  If you want to express your opinion about the proposed users of this spaces, you can email the Board of Supervisors at: BOS@albemarle.org   or you can attend the meeting.  There is NOT a public hearing on this topic, so y ou can speak at the beginning of the meeting (this meeting's agenda page) during the From the Public:  Matters Not Listed for Public Hearing on the Agenda that occurs near the beginning of the meeting.